Seven Leadership Trends for 2018

Author: Gottfried Feyen, Contributor
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2018 is around the corner, and 2017 ends shortly. Questions on how to better manage human capital have topped leadership conversations all around the world, which is a great thing. Also, one word you should keep in mind for the upcoming year is simplicity.I am no fortune teller, but I believe that the following are the seven leadership trends for 2018.


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1) Keep it simple
Over the past three years, the importance to move away from complex structures and simplify organisations became clear to me. Not only it will help companies to be better equipped to face the challenges of the fast-paced markets, but it will also help employees to focus more on practical and rewarding tasks. For more insight on this topic, you should have a look at the Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends report.

2) Redesign your management style
Paying extra attention to your performance management process is what is going to make your organisation stand out in the next couple of years. It is crucial to establish communication in which leaders outline what they expect from their employers regarding goals and ways to measure their completion to achieve this success, Indeed a goal-oriented strategy gives employees clarity and a higher motivation to achieve their goals.

3) Invest in ‘human capital.’
The “Overwhelmed Employee” syndrome has been an enormous issue in companies stuck in an old generation mid-level management for years. In addition to that, the arrival of young workers thirsty for meaningful projects to work on is a factor to take into account certainly. Corporations need to invest more time into creating space for their employees to give them honest feedback (anonymous surveys might be an option). Not only, but it will also help them to achieve better success and to retain their workforce who will feel supported.

4) Do less, lead more
HR and managers have increasingly become process designers. Leadership and management problems are simple by nature and what we as leaders need to do is to use trial and error methods in our managing style. We do this by letting our employees make more decisions and accepting that they might not get it right the first time. Our ability to do less and lead more makes us better leaders.

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