Forced Therapy – natural to recognise

RAKAMS – what is our different approach!

Rakams aims Forced Therapy as the new company cure for 2018, until 2020.

RAKAMS provide the implementation which is natural to recognize with facts.

When we have established RAKAMS, we intend to change the view of the company owners. How he sees the need of that the employees get Sales Motivation, extend their capabilities for Sales, get a different technical skill to perform better sales or alike to name a few.

Why our approach is to target the Leadership of a company first?

The owner wants to understand when he spends money to engage a professional team for teaching the Employers what his gain will be. Here we come in and start. Our Motives are the same.! Result Driven.  We want that the company results are value added from the first moment we are involved.

Our approach is only needed if the Leadership accept the principles. We have a win-win situation; we are sure about our result. We call this understanding; Forced Therapy – natural to recognise.


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