Forced Therapy – natural to recognise

RAKAMS – what is our different approach!

Rakams aims Forced Therapy as the new company cure for 2018, until 2020.

RAKAMS provide the implementation which is natural to recognize with facts.

When we have established RAKAMS, we intend to change the view of the company owners. How he sees the need of that the employees get Sales Motivation, extend their capabilities for Sales, get a different technical skill to perform better sales or alike to name a few.

Why our approach is to target the Leadership of a company first?

The owner wants to understand when he spends money to engage a professional team for teaching the Employers what his gain will be. Here we come in and start. Our Motives are the same.! Result Driven.  We want that the company results are value added from the first moment we are involved.

Our approach is only needed if the Leadership accept the principles. We have a win-win situation; we are sure about our result. We call this understanding; Forced Therapy – natural to recognise.


What are the differences?

In a modern way, nowadays modules are offered only target a single department like the Sales department. All the description given tells we increase, we perform, we motivate, we enlighten, we change personal and emotional concepts and so on which should result in better sales. We do not believe in a long-term success. Yes, it will occur short term, and also result in adverse influences.

The Salesperson educated with the newest skills and methods. It is, in fact, the best way for the person to leave the company and offer his unique abilities and technics for a better donated Job. That principle is a risk to the firm. Spend time and educational resource for the internal and external face of the company.

Understanding that possibility turns us to perform skill treatments to achieve the best fit for the company and the Sales-person. With increasing the sales-performance outcome, we measure a return of a better-moralised contribution in return. We do understand the need and practice for each Sales-person in that department but threaten it as a part of a team which is a team in a company with different departments. All are separate but performance tuned in the whole system gives the substance for a long-term profit to the company.  Now it is time to implement the strategy to analyse the internal functional float to provide such presented modules and enhance the personal and emotional skills of the company. We understand the business like a body which cured naturally, so it is painless to implement. Big Companies like Apple, Facebook or others do the same in optimising the worker’s performance by the personal requirement for each and the whole.



2 Replies to “Forced Therapy – natural to recognise”

  1. All HR need training on Job of what their company is doing! You’ll be amazed how they are ignorant about their own company and what they actually do!.
    Many times found myself educating them about our business to get my point through!.
    So certainly they will never understand the mentality of who they are hiring and how to reach to the expected level when communicating with potential employees!.

    1. Thank you for contributing to my Blog.
      You hit a nervous sense of the Industry. We agree that a course in professionalism for the HR and Recruiters never result equally in the outcome.

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