HR and Recruiters are under inspection. Do they do an excellent job?

In general, Yes, but also they are not good enough!

Today, I read an article from Brigette Hyacinth at LinkedIn


HR and Recruiters – Get it right the first time.

Yes, I would agree, but you need to take into consideration that the quality of the HR Managers and Recruiters should be questioned first.

I Advise to people often that reaching out will cut the story short and they do not have to expect an answer in any professional way. Hence it is proven record that the quality of the HR and Recruiters are below standards we are teaching.

A selecting process should be a return in a short time, not to burden the Job Seekers opportunity.

Two failures are applying within.

The first is to damages the Job Seekers enthusiasm for the Job and also postpone potential recruitment force into waiting mode.

The second is damage to other Companies while withholding valuable resources.

Also, I recommend to the Job seekers to consider that company again as it employs the HR or engages Recruiters.

Don’t you agree?

2 Replies to “HR and Recruiters are under inspection. Do they do an excellent job?”

  1. All HR need training on Job of what their company is doing! You’ll be amazed how they are ignorant about their own company and what they actually do!.
    Many times found myself educating them about our business to get my point through!.
    So certainly they will never understand the mentality of who they are hiring and how to reach to the expected level when communicating with potential employees!.

    1. Thank you for contributing to my Blog.
      You hit a nervous sense of the Industry. We agree that a course in professionalism for the HR and Recruiters never result equally in the outcome.

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